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DC animated meme
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A prompt meme for DC animated canons
There are some great prompt memes for general DC comics and even one for the animated Young Justice. But there isn't one devoted to just the animated DC canons. So, this is where this meme comes in.

There are only a few rules...

1. Any sort of prompt is allowed as long as it has to do with an animated DC canon (such canons includes both series and to DVD movies.). Though not exclusively a kink meme, kink is accepted and welcomed. As is fluff, gen, slash, het, etc.

2. No kink bashing. If you don't like a kink, ignore it.

3. Crossovers are allowed, as long as a DC animated canon is involved.

4. Please try to make fills as well as prompt.

5. multiple fills for one prompt are allowed.

6. Art fills are allowed as well.

7. This last rule isn't a hard rule, but I'd like to there not be many young justice prompts. Not that I have ANYTHING against the show. I only request this because there is already a kink meme for young justice. I don't wish to take prompters away from them :)